Meet Laura Crofts Cope 


Hello and welcome! My name is Laura. I write songs to share my faith in Jesus Christ. Writing music was not something I knew I was capable of until I went through some extremely trying times as a young mother with health challenges.


I have always had a faith in Christ, but in the depths of my trials I had to dig deep and cling to Him. Looking back at what was my lowest moment of desperation, He gave me a gift. A gift in the form of a song called "He is the Christ." This song, written in one hour became the life blood I needed to continue to pull through some very hard health challenges. I would sit at the piano play and sing this special song. Tears would flow freely and my heart  overcome with gratitude for a Savior who succors me at all times.

On this journey, I have learned that inspired music has the power to bring great amounts of light into the world and the lives of every single person on the earth. The world needs more light. Desperately. You, my wonderful new friend, have the ability to share your light too. The light of Christ.


It is my prayer that all who hear my music will feel His love and hear Him speak to their hearts. Thank you for being here. And thank you in advance for all of the effort you give to share light into the world!


** Laura is a mother of 5 beautiful children and wife of one wonderful husband, her high school sweetheart. She resides in Arizona where she and her family love to listen to and participate in inspired and beautiful music. Family is everything to her. She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.